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Do your best and obey your destiny. This is the situation that Shenzhen Kaisa is currently competing for the fourth stage of the Chinese Super League. The team will face its strong enemy Jiangsu Suning on the afternoon of September 27. On the premise of winning on its own, Shanghai Shenhua, who is ranked fourth, will have to lose points to achieve a reversal, which is very difficult. After all, Shenhua's opponent in this round is Henan Jianye, who has the lowest points, and the probability of losing is very low.


Shenzhen Football played against Suning twice this season, and the result was a tie and one loss. The two sides fought 1-1 in the first round of the league. At that time, the Shenzhen Football team got 12 shot opportunities and hit the goal frame 3 times, indicating that they have the ability to break the wrist with Suning. The coach of Shenzhen Football Club Jr. Cruyff believes that whether the team can get the top four, it needs to "do everything and obey the fate": "I believe that if there is a will, we can do it. All we can do is focus on our game and win with all our strength. Victory, don't be distracted."


Deep football midfielder Dai Weijun attended the pre-match press conference, which means he will start the game. The Hong Kong player from China feels that he has adapted well in the Super League: "I hope I can continue to improve myself, learn from the old players, and score more goals and get more assists in future matches." In his view, with Suning's contest is more important in offense: "We can only win, not tie, let alone lose, so defense is relatively secondary. First of all, we must consider scoring. Offensively, we are more aggressive and aggressive."

深厚的足球中场戴卫军参加了赛前新闻发布会,这意味着他将开始比赛。这位来自中国大陆的香港球员认为他在中超联赛中的表现很不错:“我希望我能继续提高自己,向老球员学习,在未来的比赛中进球更多,助攻更多。”他认为,与苏宁的比赛在进攻方面更为重要:“我们只能赢,而不是平局,更不用说输了,所以防守相对来说是次要的。首先,我们必须考虑得分。进攻上,我们更具侵略性和侵略性。 ”

Shenzu has a strong desire to win, but Suning also has reasons to win. Suning has already locked up the place in the "championship group", but they have the same points as Shandong Luneng. Even if the win-loss relationship is dominant, they must win the final round to securely lock the second place in the group and hide in the second stage. Open Beijing Guoan.


Suning coach Olaroyu explained the key to this game: "Technology and tactics are second, and more important is spirit. We played against Evergrande in the last match, and the one-on-one success rate was very high, indicating that the players have a great desire to win. Strong, this is very important. The match against Shenzhen is also true. If we relax mentally, the result will be passive."


深圳晚报记者 林炜航

深圳晚报记者 林炜航

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