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The contest between the traditional giants and the emerging forces, the brainstorming between the powerful German coaches, the peak showdown of the strongest strikers, and the upcoming UEFA Champions League final battle carries too many topics and focuses.


This game is likely to become the culmination of an era, and it may also be remembered for a long time as the starting point of a new era.


Bayern Munich is eager to achieve the strongest coronation journey since the reform of the Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain hopes to use this victory to complete a magnificent break. Both teams have unrivalled strikers and experienced players. Looking forward to it, but Frick and Tuchel's defensive deployment is also very critical.


"Paris is an excellent team. They reach the finals all the way. We will do some analysis. We know that they have fast players. We will work hard to organize the defense, but we know that our biggest advantage is to oppress the opponent. "


Frick’s speech in an interview after the semi-finals had already leaked the “military aircraft” in advance: Bayern Munich will continue to proactively pressure Paris in the finals, try to burn the flames of the rivalry in the half, and use what they do best to attack. Control the game by guarding.


The backcourt players in Paris showed good resistance to pressure in the semifinals. Thiago Silva and Kim Pombe have all achieved more than 90% pass success rates. The failure of RB Leipzig should not be the reason for Flick to change his original intention. Bayern's frontcourt point-to-point pressure ability is very strong, and the ability to convert opportunities after stealing is far better than Leipzig.

巴黎的后场球员在半决赛中表现出良好的抵抗压力的能力。 Thiago Silva和Kim Pombe的传球成功率均超过90%。 RB莱比锡的失败不应成为Flick改变其初衷的原因。拜仁的前场点对点压力能力非常强,抢断后抓住机会的机会远比莱比锡好。

Since the resumption of work in the Bundesliga, Bayern’s best-performing players are Muller and Gretzka. The former has become more efficient in running and series, while the latter has grown into a qualified B2B midfielder after gaining muscle. Bayern’s central axis has gained Intensified, the aggressiveness of the confrontation is further improved, and the frontcourt pressure is the best way to highlight the team's physical advantage.


In the game against Lyon, Bayern was very successful in restricting Oyar and Kacre, not only cutting off Lyon’s offensive connection, but also getting a lot of opportunities to play fast breaks on the spot.


Judging from the past two games, the midfielder is a relatively weak link in the three lines of Paris. In many cases, Neymar’s retracement is needed to solve the problem of advancement. Bayern can completely copy the strategy against Lyon, from Neymar and Di Maria. The ball is intercepted.


Successfully intercepting the ball in the frontcourt, Bayern can launch an attack before the Paris defense is in place. The single-defense ability of the full-backs is questionable. The center-back combination is not tall enough. If there is no frontcourt player to retreat to increase the number of defenders, Paris will easily lose the air superiority in the defense, exposing the open space near the arc top of the penalty area. Both Mueller and Gretzka have The ability to create threats in this area.

拜仁成功在前场拦截球,可以在巴黎防守到位之前发动进攻。后卫的单防能力令人怀疑。中后卫组合不够高。如果没有前场球员撤退以增加防守者人数,巴黎将很容易失去防守的空中优势,从而在禁区弧顶附近暴露出空地。 Mueller和Gretzka都具有在这一领域制造威胁的能力。

The high-position press has considerable benefits, but the risks are also great. Bayern played one more game than Paris, and had one day less rest when approaching the final. The physical condition of the team is worrying.


The high-position press requires all players to press on, and the space behind the guard line is larger. Flick transformed Alaba to improve the athletic ability of the defense line, but it failed to fundamentally solve the problem.


In terms of restraining opponents from playing behind, Bayern’s main strategy is to pursue full-back with midfielders and wingers. Neuer expands the range of activities to form a defensive posture of blocking before and chasing after. The choice of series technology may determine the trend of the game.


Defeating Lyon in the semi-finals, Bayern’s defense bell rang. The players did not celebrate their promotion, but sat down and patiently analyzed the team’s problems in the game and prepared for the final battle in advance.


In the process of creating 29 undefeated games in various competitions, Bayern's main lineup configuration has become more and more solid, and there is not much room for Flick to turn around. In the finals, temporary adjustment of the defense configuration itself is also a major taboo of the military.


Frick set up a game idea based on me very early. When building a defense line, he naturally uses familiarity instead of "raw". After leaving the stadium for more than October, Jule is still looking for a feeling of the game, his ability to play is not as good as Boateng.


Paval's state of the line of fire is in doubt. Kimmich has become a key target of opponents after returning to the right gate. Just like Di Maria and Herrera have to actively assist Correll, Gnabry and Gretzka also need to be able to Those who work harder.

帕瓦尔的火线状态令人怀疑。回到正确的大门后,金米奇已成为对手的主要攻击目标。就像Di Maria和Herrera必须积极协助Correll一样,Gnabry和Gretzka也需要能够为更努力的人服务。

Thiago has already made a mistake in the semifinals, and he needs to show his energy in the last game for Bayern. In a series of games after the Bundesliga resumed work, Bayern often made mistakes in the face of high-position presses. Gretzka's sense of response had certain problems. Thiago's personal skills were a scarce element of Bayern's midfield.


Paris has a strong ability to press in the frontcourt, and Bayern needs Thiago's possession, escape and connection. The Bundesliga's most effective interception player is also a reliable barrier in front of the defense.


In the process of eliminating Atlanta and RB Leipzig, Paris's tactical play changed greatly. Tuchel used a three-engine midfielder in the quarter-finals. Although this strengthened the defense, it also weakened the midfielder's possession and organization.


Neymar came to deep positions many times to get the ball, made amazing breakthroughs and fouls, and lost the feeling in front of goal because of excessive consumption. In the second game, RB Leipzig, Mbappé and Di Maria came back, Tuchel arranged for Paredes to play and add a ball point to continue to tilt resources to the offensive end.


Neymar's position is closer to the middle than Mbappé, and his role is similar to the pseudo nine, pushing the formation from 4-3-1-2 to 4-3-3.


Thanks to Mbappe's forward containment, Neymar can easily take the ball in the midfielder position, passing and breakthrough are both threatening. After helping his teammates to complete the task of advancing, Neymar was able to detour to the ribs to make a threat. His oppression of Pamecano effectively restricted Leipzig's backcourt shots.


Judging from Bayern's performance against Barcelona and Lyon, Flick's high-position pressure play directly exposed his defender to the opponent's forward.


Bayern’s two full-backs have a lot of space behind them, and the midfielders are also under greater pressure. If Paris continues to insist on Neymar’s midfielder holding the ball to guide Mbappe’s attack on the flanks, it will constitute a lot of Bayern’s defense. Threatened.


With a big victory over RB Leipzig, Paris performed well in oppression and fast break, and the defensive end of the single defense and assisted defense protection is also in place. The return of Mbappe and Di Maria is well-received, and Tuchel’s wisdom is truly reflected in the midfield layout.

凭借在莱比锡RB上的重大胜利,巴黎在压迫和快速突破方面表现出色,并且单一防守和辅助防守的防守端也已到位。姆巴佩(Mbappe)和迪玛莉亚(Di Maria)的回归广受欢迎,而图切尔(Tuchel)的智慧真正体现在中场布局上。

Considering that Di Maria can share Neymar's organization and promotion tasks, the shortcomings of the engineer-type midfielder have been concealed to a certain extent, and Geye still has the opportunity to fight for the start. Paredes and Verratti can provide good tandem and ball control, allowing the Trident to stay in the forward position to attack the opponent.

考虑到Di Maria可以分担Neymar的组织和晋升任务,工程师型中场的缺点已在一定程度上被掩盖了,Geye仍然有机会争取开始。 Paredes和Verratti可以提供良好的串联控制和控球功能,使三叉戟能够保持向前的位置来攻击对手。

In the battle against RB Leipzig, Paredes gave his opponents many chances to counterattack. Verratti often couldn't control his emotions and even became red in key battles.


In the second round of the 2017/18 UEFA Champions League round of 16 matches, Verratti's red card caused Paris to lose hope of a reversal in advance. The Bayern midfielder has tall and oppressive players like Gretzka and Mueller, which is a huge challenge for Villaty.


In the last two seasons of the Champions League round of 16 games, Neymar missed three of the games due to injury. Emery’s me-based play was completely defeated. Tuchel’s team suffered more reversals because of late Prevent players' low-level mistakes.


Before leaving for Old Trafford last season, Tuchel’s coaching staff made sufficient preparations. Paris gave up the idea of ​​focusing on me in the past, and instead used targeted restrictions on opponents as the main strategy. Achieved a 2-0 victory.


This time against Bayern, which is in a hot state, Tuchel will also focus on limiting opponents.


The current personnel structure of Paris is not suitable for directly presenting a three-back system. The game in Dortmund also proved that this team is not suitable for the three systems. What Tuchel needs to do is to add the elements of three-back/five-back to the four-back. In the system, Marchinhos, Herrera and Di Maria are the key pieces that can support the defense "backwards".

巴黎目前的人员结构不适合直接提出三后卫制度。多特蒙德的比赛也证明了这支球队不适合这三个系统。 Tuchel需要做的是将三后卫/五后卫的元素添加到四后卫。在系统中,马尔基尼奥斯,埃雷拉和迪玛利亚是可以为后防提供支持的关键要素。

In the process of qualifying for the finals, the performance of the Paris defender showed an overall upward trend. However, in the face of a sharp offensive from the wing, Bayern's striker, which has four great players in the center, is obviously not enough to rely on defense and midfielder.


The two wings composed of Neymar and Di Maria can provide good defense and coverage. When Neymar moves closer to the center, Di Maria will take on more defensive tasks. Leipzig’s attack line has limited power. Paris often has only seven players on defense in the semifinals, and the margins are relatively large, which is very dangerous against Bayern.


Herrera completed a tremendous transformation during his time at Manchester United. Mourinho and his view as a backcourt mobile pawn, cruising between the midfield and the back line.


Herrera can not only retreat in a timely manner to build a temporary five-back defense line, but also block the low pass in the ribs, mark the opponent's offensive starting point, and participate in the counterattack pass.


Muller & Kimmich’s composition from the right can deliver a good cross. Marchinhos can retreat to the back line to assist the two central defenders to deal with Lewandowski, Muller and Gretzka. Lisic needs Herrera to mark.

穆勒和金米奇(Muller&Kimmich)的构图可以很好地克服障碍。马尔基尼奥斯可以撤退到后线,协助两名中后卫与勒万多夫斯基,穆勒和格雷兹卡打交道。 Lisic需要Herrera进行标记。

In the just-concluded Europa League final, Conte missed the winning "window" due to his slow adjustment, resulting in an impressive loss.


The fight for the momentum of the game has always been a key factor in the strong dialogue. The coach needs to analyze the changes that have occurred on the field in a very short period of time, and make adjustments after quickly judging the latest situation of the enemy and us. This ability appears in a stalemate. very important.


In the past few knockout games, Frick and Tuchel have both played beautiful back punches. Both teams have a lot of substitute players who can vary, and the game between the two coaches in the second half is exciting.


Bayern's Coutinho and Koeman can continue to fight against the shortcomings of the Paris defense, and Tolisso and Lucas Hernandez can maintain the strength of the team's oppression.


On the bench in Paris, there are Icardi, who is very capable of grabbing points, and Saravia, who is Di Maria's substitute; the former has a chance to appear when the situation is unfavorable, and the latter is an ideal puzzle to continue the "five-back" play. In addition to these two players who have played the main players in the quarter-finals, the strength of Shubo Morting and Draxler cannot be underestimated.

在巴黎的替补席上,有很强的得分能力的伊卡迪(Icardi)和迪·玛丽亚(Di Maria)的替补萨拉维亚(Saravia)。前者有机会在局势不利时出现,后者是继续“五后卫”比赛的理想之谜。除了这两位曾在四分之一决赛中扮演主要角色的球员外,Shubo Morting和Draxler的实力也不容小im。

When Frick first took office, Bayern had suffered a two-game losing streak against Leverkusen and Borussia. In the face of public doubts and accusations, Frick did not waver in the slightest. He knew very well what kind of football Bayern needed, and he also knew how to balance the pursuit of competitive performance and style building.


Frick’s persistence quickly reaped great success. Today's Bayern gives people a passionate and invincible feeling. This experience makes Frick believe in his own ideas, and this is only half of the time. A sonorous and powerful statement after the final.


Following the tactical thinking of Heynckes and following the path Zidane once walked, Frick’s performance in the past half-season is phenomenal. If you can have the last laugh at the Battle of Lisbon, welcome him and this team. Bayern may have an even more amazing future.


Years after years of fighting against the Western Super League duo, it has been reversed continuously. Paris Saint-Germain has experienced too many setbacks in the process of hitting the top of the European Union. After leading two different teams to be reversed in the knockout rounds of the European War, Tuchel is also full of sad drama.

在与西方超级联赛二人组进行了数年的搏斗后,它一直在不断地被扭转。巴黎圣日耳曼(Paris Saint-Germain)在达到欧盟最高峰的过程中经历了太多挫折。在带领两支不同的球队在欧洲大战的淘汰赛中被推翻后,图切尔也充满了悲伤的戏剧。

First, Dortmund got into danger, and then fell into a bitter battle in the French Cup and the French League Cup finals. Paris Saint-Germain's road to the Cup this season is walking on thin ice. The mental strength of the players has been strengthened in the tempering, and Tuchel has also changed. It has to be more rational and pragmatic. After years of accumulation, this team has reached the harvest season.


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